Garage Conversion & ADU

Garage Conversion & ADU

If you want to expand one of your rooms or create a new one, you can consider garage conversion. Sometimes garage is the space full of very “necessary” things, and there is a reason to arrange it in a more useful way. We want to make our house a real home with its special feeling of comfort. But such unused spaces make harder to feel that way.

You can turn garage into living space. So, you will free your space for new opportunities to realize your ideas. Because home becomes yours when you implement your personality in it. And it will be a really unique place, because each person is different and you are not an exception.

And we want to give some ideas for you, what you can do with your garage. For example, you can turn garage into a living room, where you can spend time with your nearest and dearest. In that case, this space will bring you new memories and create more reasons to meet with your friends, neighbors and relatives. So, don’t miss the opportunity to use this chance, especially if you are the person who really value time with dear ones. Now you have the opportunity to make this time a little bit more pleasant because of the new room in your house.

Another idea is converting a garage into a bedroom and bathroom. If you need room for guests or plan to have a child, garage is space you can rebuild for this purpose. Each person needs his own space, that’s why to create an additional room is a good idea. Your guests will feel comfortable in your home, if you want to build a room for them. Or if you build this room for your child, he or she will be happy to have personal and comfortable space.

Of course, converting into bathroom needs more preparation and takes more time, because we need plumbing. But the advantage is obvious, because if you do not live alone, you can face the problem, when you need to wait for somebody to free it. When you have more bathrooms, this problem bothers you less.

For the familiar reason, turning into kitchen also will be more difficult, but it shouldn’t be a barrier for your plans. Kitchen should be comfortable to work on it, and having enough space plays a big role there. You can install more home appliances, that makes the process of cooking faster and more pleasant. Also, big kitchen gives you the opportunity to cook together with your family members.

One more idea of how to use this space is to turn garage into gum. If you do sport, you will certainly like this idea. You can save time, create a comfortable space for your workouts and nobody will disturb you from training whenever you want. It’s a real privilege to have the opportunity to build a gym into your house. And we advise you not to miss it!

You can create an office where you can work from home with comfort. Work takes a lot of our time, that is why it’s really matters where you do this. And if you have a garage you want to convert, it’s a way to better your working conditions.

Some people dream about playroom, where they can gather together with their friends and just to have fun. It can be an extended living room or a separate room, it depends on how you want to arrange it. But anyway, it’s a good idea to create this special space of fun and chill.

The list of options is endless, so you have the opportunity to create something really unique. And you can have your own idea of garage remodel. Good specialist will listen to your wishes and propose a solution. And if you want to convert garage to ADU, you can contact Level Up Construction & Remodeling.

Converting a garage into a room is a good idea if you don’t have a car. We guarantee that it will have a fantastic realization with us. We have architects, engineers, and interior designers to provide you the best solutions you can imagine. And our supportive managers will lead the project from the very beginning till the end to make your dream come true.

When you turn garage to room, you give an additional value to your house and make it more alive with the space, which you can use for purpose. The cost of converting can vary depending on what you want to do, but you will certainly enjoy the result!

Every project is unique, and garage conversion is not an exception. That’s why if you need to know how much will cost to convert garage to ADU, you can schedule a consultation. And it’s absolutely free, and you’re welcome to ask all questions you need to know about the process.

  • What’s included:
  • Garage Remodeling
  • Garage Flooring
  • Garage Design
  • Garage Conversion Plans
  • New Construction Garage
  • Rebuild Garage
  • Garage Update
  • Garage Paint
  • Water Damage Garage

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