Architectural, Engineering, permits And Plans

Architectural, Engineering, Permits And Plans

Sometimes the hardest part of a remodeling or construction project is getting started! Level Up Construction & Remodeling offers architectural, engineering, permitting, planning and design services as part of all of our projects. Before we ever get started with a project, we make sure that we have all necessary permits and documents in hand to ensure our clients safety and quality work that always meets the code and city requirements.

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    What Permits Do You Need?

    It really depends on the project! If homeowners who undertook DIY projects realized that much of what they did actually needed a permit and to meet code requirements to be legal, they’d be shocked. There’s a lot of red tape when it comes to construction, but as professionals we’re well versed on local requirements and building codes.

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    Well Planned From The Start

    From start to finish, we ensure your remodeling, renovation, or construction project is well planned, legally permitted, and up to code. Whether you’re doing a simple bathroom remodel, converting your basement or garage, or building a massive addition, you can be assured that Level Up Construction & Remodeling is on par from day one.

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    What’s Included:

    • 3d Design and Rendering
    • Blueprint
    • Architectural Plans
    • Engineer Plans
    • Permits
    • Design And Ideas

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