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We are Level Up Construction & Remodeling and our mission is to give new life to any aged room which can use a freshening up. Just one of the huge variety of our specialties includes bathroom remodeling services. We have been proud over the past 10 years to be trusted by locals to transform their outdated bathrooms into the bathrooms they’ve always wanted.

We appreciate the individuality of our customers, and that is reflected in their homes. That’s why we believe that all interior and exterior changes should be done at the right time for each family. A home should develop according to the needs of its householders: rooms need new functions and should respond to the family’s current demands for comfortable use. So, at Level Up we believe that the proper time for renovation is as soon as our customers start to feel uncomfortable inside their homes. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until everything is broken and out of date! A timely decision to remodel saves money in the future.

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Simple Solutions for Your Bathroom Renovations

Sometimes it seems that it’s easier to buy a new house rather than start a bathroom makeover because of the enormous amounts of money and time it costs. Every family member uses the bathroom more than once a day. No matter how many people there are in your family, the bathroom is an extremely “popular” place. It feels like a disaster when something breaks down or you start noticing signs of wear & tear. Usually, it’s difficult to coordinate all the necessary specialists yourself at the proper times. Moreover, it’s inconvenient to try to have control over the bathroom remodeling while you are away at work. That’s why Level Up provides simple solutions for the complex problem of Issaquah bathroom renovations. You don’t have to waste your resources on research and supervising work: trust this duty to our professional general contractor. It will save you time and greatly decreases the risks of poor quality work.

Whether you want to simply refresh furniture, install a new shower or tub, or do a full bathroom remodel – we know how to do it according to any taste and budget. Often, when a customer feels really bad about the condition of their bath, the project will feel much easier and cheaper after a careful inspection by our specialists. Thanks to our rich experience in this area we can optimize costs without losing final quality. Long-term cooperation with experienced bathroom remodel contractors, builders and design specialists allows Level Up to negotiate prices within each specific project.

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Total Bathroom Remodels to Match Your Style

We often hear our customers complaining about a lack of space. If you face the same displeasing situation, don’t give up hope! Usually, it doesn’t depend on a room’s size – problems appear when a space is used inefficiently. This means that by providing a small bathroom remodel we solve this problem with the help of multifunctional furniture and appropriate lighting. Changing cabinets and choosing the right plumbing color also often improves the situation – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our estimate for a total bathroom remodel. We realize that not everyone is open to bold experiments with colors and tones, but we guarantee – you’ll be surprised by the variety of textures of modern construction materials applicable for your bath. The main struggle will be to choose!

Another way to deal with this issue is to create some additional space: borrow it from a neighboring room or replace a tub with a shower. In these cases, a bathroom remodel will cost more because it requires a lot of qualified labor and time. It is connected with plumbing installation – sometimes a basic house construction causes big trouble because of the difficulty of getting access to the necessary piping elements. But we guarantee to minimize your discomfort during the bathroom remodeling process: our dedicated project manager will create a timeline suitable for your family during construction. We pay lots of attention to the inspection of a room itself and discuss details with owners to fulfill expectations to the maximum. We create a 3D rendering of a remodel and collaborate with a client until they are fully satisfied. Only after this do we start a bathroom renovation, and make the householders’ dreams come true as soon as possible.

What’s Included in Our Bathroom Remodel Services:

  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Walk-in Shower
  • Backsplash
  • Paint
  • Bathroom Design
  • Tub & Free-Standing Tub
  • Lights & Fixtures
  • Shelving
  • Electrical
  • Waterproofing

Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do because we want you to be in the know! This includes helping you understand the ballpark pricing of Bathroom remodeling projects.

Base Bathroom Remodels* $30K

This is a basic Bathroom facelift. This includes new stock cabinets, stone countertops, tile backsplash, plumbing, and light fixtures.

Average completion in 4-5 weeks.

Average Bathroom Remodels* $50K

This includes everything listed in the Base Bathroom Remodels. This tier is popular for those wanting to reconfigure the layout, lighting, and appliance location of the Bathroom.

Average completion in 6-7 weeks.

High-End Bathroom Remodels* $75K+

This includes a full upgrade to the Bathroom. This tier includes complete reconfiguration, custom cabinetry, high-end stone countertops, quartz backsplash, new finish lighting, and hardware.

Average completion in 7-9 weeks.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your square footage, choice of materials, appliances, and finishes. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique bathroom after the in-house consultation.

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